Rinehart case was heard June 1st at CA Supreme court! Hear it here!

lacountysuperiorcourtWell the date we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, notice was sent out that the case will be heard June 1st in Los Angeles.

Pretty short notice I know, I will receive additional information from my attorney soon with court location and court room size and post it here.

Update – We received notice that oral argument will be heard in People v. Rinehart at 2:00 p.m. on June 1, 2016, in the Ronald Reagan State Office Building, 300 South Spring Street, Third Floor, North Tower, Los Angeles, California.

We all have a lot at stake here, every miner in the state should be at this court and show support, we need to line the streets if need be, it’s time we stop the tyranny of this State!


Here are links to the Audio of the oral arguments

Part1 https://youtu.be/OqJ4C_YIc54

Part2 https://youtu.be/kWfgzdu3Rxg
Part3 https://youtu.be/BUHM84roGBY

Part4 https://youtu.be/vqan58XFg0s
Part5 https://youtu.be/bUT_BFG-QZ8



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