About Me!

I 07-3-10 063just turned 35, I currently live in the Bay area, Antioch,CA to be exact, I’m am happily married to my beautiful wife Lauren and we have two wonderful kids 3 + 5. My wife was actually 8 months pregnant with my daughter when I was cited for dredging.

I am a Union Electrician by day, Jack of All trades by night. I have been working mostly in hospitals and heavy commercial, I am currently retrofitting hospitals with LED lighting. I enjoy working with my hands and building anything I can dream up.

10-11-11 016The Gold Bug bit me early on when I was young. My Father always took me up in the mountains to  fish and prospect. Always telling me stories about the big nuggets grandpa found in this spot and that spot, I still have not confirmed the stories even today, I remember being held upside down by my feet inside boil holes in the granite bedrock to get to that last bit of material that my dad couldn’t reach. Now that its my turn to give my own children the same experiences I had growing up we are continually met with resistance from the Eco terrorists that believe every rock is sacred to the earth and shouldn’t be moved.

012My family and I enjoy spending our summers on the family claims in Plumas county prospecting and just enjoying the outdoors. I have been introducing my son to prospecting just like I was when I was young. I have a 2″ dredge to start him out on as son as we get back in the water.

I hope to someday have the same opportunities around for my own kids to enjoy and that is why I am willing to stand up and fight for our rights and what I believe in.

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