Fundraising is always a difficult topic and no one enjoys asking for money. Especially ME. As an individual who is working at my full time job, every waking minute of every day, I just don’t have the time to devote to get out to beat the streets to help come up with the funds to help finance this pivotal case.

Since 2012, many organizations have offered to help with my fund raising efforts. And although there appears to be a lot of activity and fund raising events dedicated to my court case, the reality of the situation is there hasn’t been enough money flowing into my accounts to cover all the court costs, without me paying a substantial amount of money out of my own pocket. At this point in time, I am out of pocket over $8000 and the expenses are increasing as I continue to fight for everyone’s right to mine on their federal mining claims.

I’ve created this page so everyone can see what the source of my donations are, who is currently supporting my case and how successful all the organizations that have offered to help me raise funds have been.

Now that I have my own page, you can still donate through your organization of choice, or perhaps send any contributions directly to me via the paypal tab on the right hand side of this page.

Or, People can send checks to “Murphy & Buchal LLP Client Trust Fund” with a note that the checks are for the benefit of Brandon Rinehart by mailing to:




I want to thank everyone who has donated in the past and hope that everyone will continue to help me fight this battle for all of our rights to mine.

Currently over the past four years, I have received donations from the following groups:

PLF – Pacific Legal Foundation

AMRA – American Mining Rights Association

Comstock Gold Prospectors

Bazooka Gold Trap

Golden Girl Mining

Kerby Jackson


Willamette Valley Miners

New 49’ers legal fund

Southern Woods Turnings

United Prospectors Inc.

WMA – Western Mining Alliance

American Exploration and Mining Association

And a few more that did not identify themselves…

Please continue to support the progress we are making on this pivotal court case







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